AirWizard 1.1

Create self-extracting packages for Pocket PCs

AirWizard is a unique Desktop PC tool that comes in handy for Over the Air solutions. With AirWizard, you can take several CAB files, a splash image, a readme text file with instructions and create a compressed, self extracting installer to be run directly on your Pocket PC or Smartphone. With AirWizard you can create one single installer for all your favorite programs. Think of the time you could save with this tool!


  • Unlimited trial: we have provided an unlimited trial version so you can see how useful AirWizard is.
  • Built-In Wizard that will help the user create the installers
  • Use Airwizard to install any software directly on your mobile device, without the need of having a Desktop PC.
  • Use splash images to customize your installer's look and feel
  • Support for Eula and Readme file in the installer in TEXT and HTML format
  • Support for splash screen in *.JPG, *.BMP or *.PNG format
  • Powerful filters to target the device by Platform, Operating System version and Processor manufacturer(Unique)
  • Support for PocketPC and Smartphone
  • High compression algorithms: with AirWizard your installers can be smaller in size, with up to 50%. Installer size is important for people using GPRS, and pay for traffic ammount. AirWizard helps to reduce your GPRS traffic! It saves money, but also time (shorter downloads)
  • Add unlimited CAB files to your installer. The cabs will be installed in the order you choose.
  • Automatic cabinet file parsing for Title Vendor and supported devices all make installer configuration much easier for the user
  • Easy drag and drop support from outher sources (other windows) to the cabinet files list
  • Build a desktop installer and a ready to run installer for your device from one interface
  • Support for advanced settings on the device like silent install and install path override
  • Support for deployment imediately after installer has been built
  • Command Line build support
  • Easy to use interface, comprehensive help files

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AirWizard 1.1

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